Abarat - Clive Barker This is an odd book. And I say "odd" in the best sense of the word. Where does Barker come up with these ideas?! I mean really! It's fantastical! I think the best word, however, that I attribute to the ABARAT series, is "vivid". Everything about ABARAT, from the world building, the character development, writing style, everything, is vivid.

My favourite scene from the book is at the beginning of the book: it was written so vividly (I've got to find another word for vivid...)that I've even had dreams about it afterwards. It's where Candy (tangent: LOVE that name!! for a name that I'd usually despise, Candy Quackenbush is perfect for a book like this!) manages to get the sea to come to the middle now-where, Minnesota. Just the way he describes it, tickles my fancy I guess. I can just completely see in my minds eye the image of the sea coming out of nowhere rolling overtop the fields of Minnesota.
I dunno why, but I love that part. Maybe it's his attention to detail, or his quirky characters, but everything about ABARAT is just really neat.

Oh and lastly, if you have the chance to read ABARAT with illustrations, do so!! It's one of those few books where the reading experience is heightened by pictures (see Lips Touch: Three Times).