Unearthly - Cynthia Hand Okay so while I really really liked this book it just ended way too abruptly for me. One minute you're basking in summer romance and the next, the world is consumed by fire and then it's...done. I mean obviously by the end you realize there's suppose to be a second book, but there are absolutely no revelations (besides the obvious) and we are left with more questions than answers. Which I suppose is the point if you want to keep your reader, but still...I felt vaguely dissatisfied. I mean nothing of Clara's mother or Christian's past is revealed. There's not even a cryptic end dialogue between Clara and her mother. There was however, a really interesting twist regarding Clara's brother. I'm looking forward to seeing how Cynthia Hand develops that story arc. Also, the romance with Angela and her mysterious Italian Romeo will be interesting as well. However while I appreciate all these scintillating cliff-hangers, all these questions made the book seem a little unbalanced--too many questions and not enough answers to make me fully satisfied. That said, it's safe to say I'll read the next one, hahaha.

My minor problems with the ending aside, I thought other aspects of the book were great! When I figured out that Clara (tangent: what is it with Angel books and the name Clare, Clara, Clarey?...) wasn't going to end up with He Who Is Drop Dead Gorgeous and instead falls for the infinitely more charming He Who Has Waaaaaaay More Substance, I was like "Woohoo, FINALLY!". Too often YA novels portray their heroes as "too beautiful for words" and the relationship between the guy and the girl is too often reduced to the girl staring adoringly at her lover's face, speechless because he melts her brain like puddy. In this book Clara actually does things with Tuck--she doesn't just stare soulfully into his eyes having "moments" like she did with Christian. It's an actually HEALTHY *gasp* relationship!!
Furthermore, I really enjoyed Cynthia Hand's writing/prose during the summer--it threw me back to my childhood of just running around in the outdoors; swimming, hiking and just having fun in the sun. It was carefree and normal. It also allowed for the audience to fall in love with Tuck too. Which I think is pretty critical considering that everyone was convinced at the beginning Christian was "the man".. I really appreciated how Hand didn't allow herself to fall into all the cliches of the this supernatural, teen genre that's become so popular. She was still able to appeal to her readers without making them roll their eyes. Which can be no easy feat.

Lastly, I found the two friendships with Angela and Wendy to be great additional characters, especially as they're so different in personalities. I really felt they added to Clara's character--there's nothing like a well rounded cast to make a book...although I do wish Hand had developed Wendy's character a little bit more. She sort of dropped off 3/4 of the way into the book...

Anyways, read this book!! It's really good!! I totally recommend it!