Finnikin of the Rock

Finnikin of the Rock - Melina Marchetta Melina Marchetta continues to blow me away. As her first foray into fantasy I'm even more astounded. I loved this novel from beginning to end. Marchetta has a gift for showing-not-telling. You learn things about the character from their actions, the actions of others and often what they don't say and/or don't think...if that makes any sense...
Anyways, the plot development was complicated enough that the obvious things like the fact that Evanjalin was the rightful Queen of Lumatere not matter.

The thing that I like best though was the darkness in the book. Marchetta is not afraid to write about the 'spoils of war'. And what I mean by that is that Marchetta is not afraid to write about the horrors that women had to endure when soldiers came into their homes and violated them. Marchetta also does a fantastic job at conveying the helplessness men feel towards their wives and daughters when they come home to find their loved one raped and/or forced to bear children that were results of rape. For me, Marchetta really succeeded in presenting war in a way other than heroically.

I would definately, definately recommend this book to fantasy lovers!