Timeless - Alexandra Monir I don't know what it was, but I really didn't like this book--so bear with me as I write this haha.

While it was well written and had a great plot, I was bored. And I'm a history student!! I shouldn't be bored reading a time traveling YA romance that literally puts me in my favourite era ever. But I was; and I think that's because I felt spoon-fed the entire time I was reading the novel. Every-time Monir explained something historic, it was inevitably boring and/or historically shallow. Things like, "you're not properly dressed" or "I can't sleep with you b/c that would be taking advantage of you..." are obvious problems and as I'm reading this I'm thinking "Well no shit Sherlock! Tell me something I don't know!" and I would roll my eyes...not a good thing.

The blurb at the end of the novel indicated that Monir put a lot of research and effort into writing this novel, and while I can see this, I felt that she completely missed the nail on the head (for me) in making the the 1900s come alive and seem realistic.

There was one description when Michele is talking to Philip about their respective times (2010 vs. 1910) and she describes the 1910s to him from her point of view as being innocent. Innocent?! Uh...This literally right before the First World War: you've got science and religion playing war against each other (no thanks to Darwin...), famous explorers going into Egypt and South America and completely revolutionizing geography, and this is not to mention that technology was completely changing everything about art, culture and society. And it's innocent?! DUDE!! I COULDN'T DISAGREE MORE. ALL the interesting stuff from the late 19th and early 20th century was glossed over or not acknowledged, and all the well-known, superficial aspects (like wearing gloves and covering your ankles and elbows in late-Victorian society) were re-iterated.

And lastly, the relationship between Michele and Philip seems vapid. I couldn't understand why she loved him...She liked his music, but was that why she loved him? Or was it because he was devastatingly handsome (as per usual)?

I just felt that there was no depth to this novel whatsoever. However, all this ranting aside, it was relatively well written and had a decent plot. I wouldn't not recommend it.