Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor oh man oh man oh man!! This book was so absolutely amazing to me. I'm kind of cursing myself for not writing this review sooner when it was all fresh in my head, but I needed to stew on it and then (as per usual) I got sidetracked...Annnnyways. This book was AMAZING. The thing about Laini Taylor's writing that's just so great is she has an innate ability to make a scene so vivid you can almost taste it. I absolutely love Taylor's imagination when it comes to creating her monster characters. In Lips Touch: Three Times you see what she's capable of and then in this book she totally blew me out of the water with her crazy, realistic characters/monsters (hands down Brimstone is my favourite :P).

Also, the concept that magic can't come from nothing--that it comes from pain--impressed me and, for me, it gave the story that much more depth (I think it gave Akiva more character depth Fallen

In this instance however I felt this was definitely not the case. It wasn't a cop-out. It was a major plot development that completely drives the novel (in a good way). It creates angst - but justifiably so, not just in a "how could this happen to us" sort of way, but in a "because of this and that, THIS happened which results, ultimately, in this big BFD..."....I'm not explaining myself very well, but long and short is that this reincarnation biz is a good thing in the book haha.

Read it!! :D