Hush, Hush

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick Okay! Where to start?! From a publisher's perspective I can completely understand why this novel was chosen and why it's now selling like hot cakes. It's Twilight but with angels instead of Vampires. You've got the forbidden guy that you know you can't have and your average Plain Jane as your protagonist. As far as writing style is concerned, Fitzpatrick is not bad - she's entertaining to read and can hold her audience. What's distressing for me is her overall message that she's sending to young girls. More than any other YA novel I've read, Hush Hush relies heavily on the stalker/protector motif. This wouldn't be such a huge problem if Fitzpatrick had written Nora as liking Patch at first. But she doesn't. Nora is creeped out by Patch and gets very bad warning vibes from him and yet she acts against these vibes. Too me this is baaaad.
Ever since I was a little girl I've been told that if you ever get any bad gut feelings you should LISTEN TO THEM! But Nora doesn't. She willingly becomes a victim and relinquishes her power . This is why, no matter how entertaining Fitzpatrick writes, I cannot give anymore than two stars. In fact after re-reading this review I'm tempted to give one....
Also one last thing. I read a fabulous blog on Hush Hush and rape. It's very thought provoking and I would highly recommend reading it!