The Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss Okay, be prepared for some gushing...

I am in LOVE with this series. I haven`t been this into a book/series since....I dunno, a really long time haha. First off, I love Kvothe's name. So cool. I've a thing for well thought-up names. They have to be easy(ish) to pronounce but still have that unique factor. Kvothe definitely fits the bill.

This book hits all levels of nerdiness but manages to pull off the 'cool' factor. It's every fantasy lover's wish fulfillment in a book. Kvothe is alluded to as being handsome (or at least good-looking), brilliant, and a smart-ass. Three things guaranteed to tickle most readers' fancy/interest. He grew up as an Edema Ruh, the equivalent of a Gypsy, and because of circumstances and his brilliance, ends up orphaned, left to fend for himself in a crime-ridden city and then manages to become the youngest person to ever get accepted to The University. Cool beginning, yes?

I think the most brilliant aspect of this book is how Rothfuss manages to make Kvothe both super-brilliant in learning but not necessarily in life - while Kvothe manages to to wow and impress everyone with his academic talents and powerful mind, he is still a flawed person: his cockiness frequently gets him into trouble, making you cheer and groan at the same time and also making him relatable to all readers.

I really really liked the narrating/storytelling tone in the novel. For me it is one of Rothfuss' strengths. I have read some people as saying they disliked that aspect of the POV, saying that it made the novel seems as if it had no direction; however, I loved it. I love the drawn out aspect of storytelling - there's not just one climax, this is someone's life. There are many ups and downs and you are not racing to a finish line. **Just in case you don't know, the book starts out in present time 3rd person narration, introducing the character Kvothe, and then switching to past tense and 1st person POV with Kvothe's own voice telling his life's story.**

Rothfuss manages to create an interesting (and IMO, good) balance between keeping and discarding cliches. For me it works. However, I can see what people are saying when they say they see Rothfuss become a little cliched during the 'intermissions' when the story switches back to 3rd person, present POV. Kvothe is constantly saying (and I'm paraphrasing...), "this isn't like a story or fairytale. There is no happy ending. We all know how this is going to end.". As a reader I hope not!! Hahaha these are big friggin' books! Each one is roughly 400,000 words. If it ends badly I will personally hunt down Rothfuss and stab him with his pen! :) Anyways, point is, I can see how this would be a little clichey...but I like how it creates anticipation and angst :).

Anyways, the moral of this review is READ THIS BOOK! :)