Iced - Karen Marie Moning Oh man, I have to admit that I have the biggest author crush on Karen EVER. I have been waiting for this book for it seems like forever! And now that it's finally here I've read it too fast and now I have to wait another year or so for the next one....*sigh*
I was a little apprehensive about ICED, I won't lie. I was never in love with Dani's voice in Mac's books and so when Karen said that she would be writing 3 books with Dani as the protagonist, I was worried that it wouldn't measure up to her Fever series (which I still reread an embarrassingly regular amount). It does though. Holy moly it does. I go into spoilers from here on so ye be warned....

ICED has the Fever flavour through and through but Dani's voice is definitely different than Mac's - but in a good way. The annoying chatter that I associated with Dani is still slightly there but it's waaaay toned down. The Dani that we see is actually intelligent (and not just because she cockily says so), but geekily so. Which I find very cool and gives her a big redeeming quality in my mind because before I thought that all she could do was run really really fast.

And Ryodan.
Oh Ryodan.....
I don't understand you. What's with the whole Jo thing!? I mean I get the sex, but arms over shoulders and intimating that you're an item when really it SO FECKING OBVIOUS that you're waiting for Danny!??! I never took you for a 'relationship' kinda guy. I'm just.....frustrated. It's WRONG. Which is probably Karen's purpose. But still. That said, Ryodan it awesomely smexy - I'm still crushing on Barrons though. It's going to take a LOT for my to flip sides haha.
I really love Lor though. He's great! He's so funny and he's definitely gunning for Dani, which I really like. His one-liners are hilarious.

Also the ending!!! Love!! ICED ends in true Moning style with a great cliff-hanger (but not as bad as in Dreamfever) with Mac FINALLY making an appearance :D. Also, I loved the mystery/premise of the entire book - it was awesomely thought out!!! Great 'monster' mystery that was exciting, fast-paced and really intelligently written, IMO.

The ONLY thing I wasn't totally in love with was Christian's character. This was probably totally intentional on Karen's part, but I found Christian's character to be overly creepy crossing the line from sexy protector to psycho-stalker....

Overall though, this book rocked. I loved it. I laughed frequently, grinned appreciatively, and outright laughed out loud (on the bus haha). I would TOTALLY recommend this book. Hands down :D.