Archangel's Blade

Archangel's Blade - Nalini Singh okay, well definitely two thumbs up if you want a good relaxing smexy read ;). There are definite problems, but that's not terribly surprising considering the genre...but! that said I enjoyed myself - so you should definitely give it a chance if you're into PNR :D

I have a thing for Singh's Archangel series. I really really like them hahaha. So when I found out that she'd be doing book on Dmitri, Raphael's right-hand man (his 'Blade'), I was like, "Woohoo!".

So. My likes and dislikes:

1)I've said before (in another review) that I really like how Singh writes immortal men. I have a hard time reading and believing most writers when they talk about immortality and being alive for centuries, and yet their leading men act like indecisive, emotional, yo-yoing drama queens...
Anywho, I'm pleased to say that this was not (quite) the case, in this instance. The reason I say 'quite' is because I think it's pretty impossible to get a non-human to fall in love - a very human emotion. When your a couple millenia years old it gets kinda hard to remain 'human'. This is why I'd venture to say I find Dmitri falling in love more plausible than Raphael, because at least Dmitri was once human and had the experience of falling in love before, so it's not so far-fetched that he'd do it again. Raphael never was/did. He was always a big bad angel with no emotional attachments.
Anyways, despite all this I do love my tough, sexy immortal men haha.
While not completely believable (and I think it's pretty impossible to be completely believable), for me, Singh gets pretty close :)

2) On the negative side, I didn't like how Singh kept repeating herself in this book. She kept going on about fields of wildflowers where Dmitri was from 'way back to forgotten civilizations', or the fact that he fought in hundreds of wars throughout time...rivers of blood...etc....the first couple times I get. After the 15th or 18th, I'm like, "Okay, he's old. I get it."

The last thing I had problems with was the reincarnation bit. What's wrong with falling in love with someone, having something happen to them, and then falling in love again? This is life. It doesn't mean you never loved the first person. Reincarnation (in this instance) seems a bit of a cop out, no? I mean, as much as I loved the story and think it's great that Dmitri finds love etc, etc, but still, the only reason he fell in love again is because fate intervened...which, to me, seems a bit of a cop out.

That all being said, great Romance!! you should read ;)