If I Stay

If I Stay - Gayle Forman Holy moly....

Have you ever read a book were you were like, "I thought I was the only one that was like that?!" Where the character resonates so strongly with you, your personality and your values that you just want to hug the book and be like, "Thank you!!"

This did that for me.

Gayle Forman was able to magically create a book that made me simultaneously really happy and also unbearably sad.

I knew I would like this book right off the bat after this passage:

"'I'm in,' I say. It isn't the lure of BookBarn, or the fact that Adam is on tour, or that my best friend, Kim, is busy doing yearbook stuff. It isn't even that my cello is at school or that I could stay home and watch TV or sleep. I'd actually rather go off with my family. This is another thing you don't advertise about yourself, but Adam gets that, too."

For me family is my centre. And that is what this book is all about. Family. That, and love.

What happened to Mia and her family makes you (the reader) think about the important role your parents (and siblings) play in the shaping of your life. Too many times I find myself reading a YA novel that shrugs off the parents as if they're unimportant, stressing the 'importance of being independent' and getting away from the overprotectedness of one's parents. Well I disagree. I'm a very independent person, but my family are the rocks of my life. They're the ones I go to first when I have problems or just need an ear.

I really loved how in the book Forman does an excellent job of foreshadowing the fact that Mia has the possibility of creating her own family - through tragedy Mia can still pick up the pieces and still have that familial connection with her grandparents, aunts & uncles, Kim and most especially, Adam, all because of the way Mia's parents raised her . This was just so awesomely done.

This was a very beautiful book. It was sad but it left me feeling really optimistic about life and family :D. A definite MUST READ!!