Clockwork Princess

Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare Oh boy but did the ending piss me off royally . I went from 3 1/2 stars and plummeted down to 1. I can not express how much of a cop out I thought the epilogue was.

Ye be warned, the rest of this review is littered with spoilers:

First of all, Jem turning into a Silent Brother???? Cop out #1. But the epilogue?! Cop out #2 TIMES 9000 THOUSAND!!!!! What the heck was Clare thinking?! And to kill Will THE MAIN LOVE INTEREST in the frigging epilogue (which is SUPPOSE TO BE HAPPY btw!)?! Did you not think this would bother readers?! And please, you cannot convince me that Jem was an equal love interest. He didn't ever stand a chance IMO.

But then Jem miraculously comes "back to life" and is now all of a sudden normal and mortal and he's given a second chance? What is this? Sloppy Seconds??? WHY?!?! It says Jem's motal and therefore will die and Tess will be heart-broken all over again. Yay?....I'm suppose to be happy about this? That Will is dead, Jem is back and he too will die and Tess is left alive and kicking FOR ALL ETERNITY?! There's nothing but heartache in this ending! I expected to read this book and feel like the trilogy is complete. Everything ends happily ever after. And INSTEAD i get "equal love for all" bullpoopy crap.

See. This is why I read romance books primarily. THEY ARE BOOKS THAT HAVE HAPPY ENDINGS THAT STAY HAPPY. None of this awful half-assery. GAH! I'm just so worked up over this.

Oh, and another point. Tess you say you're so devastated by Jem's death and yet you ask Will for a kiss and then literally jump into bed with him not even five minutes after you find out he's DEAD (also, fancy that a bed is so conveniently placed in a frigging cave....). CLEARLY you love Will more that Jem...So why all this I love you equally bull-crap????

And was it just me or isn't it weird that in the epilogue everyone's is so blasé about the fact that a TEENAGER is with an OLD MAN. I know everyone "knows that it's just Will and Tess and that's the way it's always been", but seriously? This isn't going to be addressed as a problem that the couple can't function 'normally' within society?

I just.....I'm really......Peeved....I need a stronger word than that though....I'm fricking PISSED I guess will have to do....

Update: I confess that I did cry at the ending. My ranting above does not in any way mean that I didn't enjoy reading the book or think that Clare spins a good yarn. Obviously, if I was crying then I was affected/moved by the characters and the way the story was told. I just feel very emotionally manipulated. And I'm not happy about it. lol